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Summer Vegetable Tian

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I made this last night. I used a pie dish with a slightly pre baked Pillsbury Pie Crrust. Sliced veggies and layered them into pie crust including sliced not diced onion. Covered all with foil and baked (400) fo 25 mins. In a skillet I added 1tbs+ of chopped garlic plus 2 tbs olive oil on med for 1 or 2 mins. Next removed foil and poured the hot oil over veggies recovered with foil and returned to oven(10) step was remove foil and add cheese.(6-10)mins. 

The crust helped soak up liquid in bottom but not all. Some potato was not cooked enough. Maybe potatoes should be pre-boiled before adding. After I cut the 1st slice I used a spoon and removed the excess liquid in bottom. Will make this again.

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