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Easy Bavarian Cream Filling

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To someone that has never made custard of any kind before, this recipe is slightly confusing. I have made this twice. The first time, I followed all directions and ingredients exactly. I believe I overcooked the custard because I was using a plastic spoon, not a metal one. It is difficult to tell when the mixture coats the spoon, so metal works best. Overcooking resulted in the yolk of the egg scrambling. The second mistake I made was with the straining. The recipe does not indicate which portion to keep when straining and because my egg cooked I had a significant amount in the strainer as well as in the bowl under it. 

I did not know which part to keep and I believe I used the wrong part of the custard for the remainder of the recipe. My end result was very little flavor and bits of solid pieces in my Bavarian Cream. However, the second time that I made it with the metal spoon, I took the mixture off the stove as soon as the back was becoming coated. I strained it and it became obvious that the portion to keep is the liquid that comes out of the strainer. I used this to complete the recipe and it turned out beautifully. We used the Bavarian Cream to make delicious filled homemade donuts for breakfast. Probably a novice mistake overall, but I feel the author should have indicated exactly what to do after straining the mixture.

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